Review Policy

I will review ALL books I accept with substantial, balanced reviews. I feel an obligation to do so and will not in any case read a book and not review it.

You can expect a review within a month (usually within a couple of weeks of my receiving the book) unless I discuss otherwise with you.

If you would like me to discuss anything specifically to do with your book, or would like me to mention something additional to my review, let me know in the email and I will make sure to do so unless I reply otherwise.


What is in My Reviews?

My reviews are a mixture of critique and opinions, and I usually combine the two, giving opinions with reasoning. I think this way my audience can get a better idea of whether they will like the book or not as they can understand why I feel the way I do about it and decide whether they like those things in a book or not. I always give an honest review and always point out both points I like and points I dislike about the book - unless I like it too much, in which case I might not  be able to think of any bad points.

I always include the cover of the book, the genre(s), the description (from either Goodreads or Amazon), other books by the author, links to the book's Goodreads and Amazon, and the publisher.


Physical Copies

As of yet there are no restrictions on physical copies because, for the most part, I'll read anything with words and don't have the headache problems I have with ebooks. I will therefore consider all emails regarding physical copies and will most likely accept, unless I am absolutely drowned under review books.


This is where we have some rules because I have a bit of a headache issue with ebooks, so want to limit the amount I have to read them. However, don't be put off because I will still consider ebooks and do often review them.

Genres you can send (YA preferred):

  • Fantasy
  • Romance


Contact Information

Email me (Abi Ainley) at:

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