Wednesday, 8 April 2015

April To Be Read (And somewhat introduction to this blog)

This being my first bookish blog post, I'd better quickly introduce myself. My name's Abi, I love horses, as do a good lot of people, and, most importantly, I love to read. I told you it would be quick!
-It might also interest you for me to add that I'm not actually new to this; I did have a Youtube account for a long period of time, however I've decided I definitely don't suit a gritty, square webcam.

So, as it's already April (currently 56 minutes into the 8th and counting) I'll start with the (now it's 57 minutes into the 8th) books that I've already read, however I won't review them just yet as that would defeat the point of the "wrap-up":

A highly acclaimed book that is on most people's reading list or read list.

You just wait until I review this one!

Onwards to my currently reading:

Currently I'm experiencing a slow but enjoyable read. I'm having to read this one chapter a night though as it's a little tedious.

I'm reading this as part of a Goodreads reading challenge called "Away With The Fairies". Not the greatest read as it's just a compilation of fairy tales but it's a light read, which is nice.

Now onto the ones that I'll be reading soon!:

Yes, I have still to read this! Unless you've been hiding under a rock you'll have noticed everyone's read this series. Apart from me. I've always presumed that I won't enjoy this because it's a dystopian novel, but then again, I said that about The Hunger Games and read the lot in half a day.

I won this one in a Goodreads giveaway. It's set in the 50s, which is always exciting, and it's got awards and stuff so I don't see much that could go wrong. ;)

Other than that I'm leaving my doors open for the month. My birthday's on the 15th of next month. This also happens to be the same month that two books I'm anticipating are coming out and the month I can finally read Half Wild as I'm getting it for my birthday! I've been waiting for Half Wild for so long: not sure why I agreed to wait until my birthday!

Thank you for sacrificing your precious time to read this malarkey. :p


(It is currently 1 hour and 17 minutes into the 8th of April)

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