Sunday, 3 January 2016

Winter Biannual Bibliothon - Day One

Afterthought: I've just noticed that both authors I read today are Greens. Damn I wish I'd realised this sooner so I could've dressed in green or something in acknowledgement of this.

Day One

So... Day one is over and I've had a pretty successful reading day, considering I've had to start on my English Lit essay and do a ton of Maths work.

I actually started Paper Towns at half one in the morning when I couldn't sleep...

...but promptly resumed my usual practise of watching Youtube videos way too late. HOWEVER, it did get finished today and I'm really happy about it!

I'm currently just about to start my second book, Half Wild by Sally Green. This is the one I chose for the "reread your favourite book from a series" challenge and I'm relying on it being a quick second time read like Half Bad was. If this isn't quick I'm going to be seriously done haha.

Super excited to reread this!

In conclusion, this day went pretty well but I'm seriously dreading the rest of this week! I start college again tomorrow which means so much homework and potentially not enough time for reading all of this. *expands time itself* I will try though. Here's to reading in every 30 second slot I can find!

Abi Ainley

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