Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Winter Biannual Bibliothon - Days Two & Three

Days Two & Three

Day three is just closing as I write this. I'm hoping to get a bit more reading done before I sleep but that's depending on how long my English essay and Physics revision takes me. Yesterday and today have been ridiculously hectic, what with going back to college and re-adjusting to being permanently exhausted. I'm so glad I read the whole of Paper Towns on Sunday for the sole reason that it's freaking impossible to read great amounts when I'm tired and have so much work. It's looking like I'll be able to finish all four of my chosen books for this bibliothon though, so all is well. Unfortunately I don't have pictures as I haven't had time to take pictures for Instagram but I'll give you a quick summary.

At home I've been reading Half Wild by Sally Green.
Once again, I'm freaking loving it! I missed Nathan and Gabriel so much it's ridiculous. They have potentially my favourite relationship in literature. Unfortunately I haven't been able to take it to college because:
For one, it's signed so I don't want to ruin it;
For two it'd be unbearable heavy.

So, at college I've been reading At the Sign of the Sugared Plum by Mary Hooper.
As with every other time I've read this, I'm overinvested in the characters and am terrified of one specific character dying. If you haven't experienced this before with a book, you guys should seriously read this so you can understand the feeling of your heart shaking in trepidation as you open the book for the millionth time. The character isn't even ill but you just know they're going to die and it's destroying you inside. I can't leave it now though; this is a readathon after all! I WILL SUCCEED THIS TIME AROUND!

All in all, I haven't read as much as I'd have liked to since starting college again, but I'm extending my day for another few hours by going to bed at midnight now, so hopefully I'll be able to read a little more.

I hope you're doing well if you're doing this bibliothon as well, and aren't suffering to the extent that I am lol! See you,

Abi Ainley

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