Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Top Ten: Books for Songs

(Top Ten Tuesdays is a fantastic meme from The Broke and The Bookish. Check it out here.)

About my lack of posts last week: I've been writing a couple of advance reviews for the next few months, I'm not lazying around, I swear! I also have a Goodreads review that I think I might extend and maybe turn into a discussion topic, so that might be coming in the next week or two ;)
Top Ten Five:
Books for Songs

I was so excited to see that this week's prompt was audio. As a huge music fan and acoustics nerd this is my dream prompt. The only problem was I had too many ideas! I narrowed it down to two. For this post I'll be shuffling my 2016 Spotify playlist and assigning a book to ten songs. My second idea was to just do a list of 10 of my favourite music, acoustics, music psychology, music biography etc. books and I might still do this at some point if it takes anyone's fancy? Yep, there's only five here but this is the best I could do with my time. Hope you enjoy! :D

1. Cruel to be Kind by Nick Lowe

Fitting with the light-hearted tone of this song, I took a light-hearted approach to choosing this graphic novel.
I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason

A fun, creative graphic novel about a rather dire situation. If you haven't read this, I recommend it. You can get through it in little to no time and it's reasonably entertaining. The art, as usual with Jason, is incredibly fun and makes it worth buying. :D

2. Time Warp by the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN! (not that we've done it yet but..)
Time to hunt out a book that messes with your mind and includes a hella lot of pelvic thrusts.
The Magician King by Lev Grossman

It's creative, sometimes messed up and has sexual bits. I think this is the closest I'll get without scouring through every book I own.

3. Bagpipers by Béla Bartók

I love this piece but damn it's gonna be hard to come up with a book for it.
Romance by the Book by Jo Victor

The huge historic house and the dusty, classical theme combined with the countryside, folk elements.
See my review: Romance by the Book by Jo Victor

4. Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads

I can't possibly think of a book magnificent enough to be paired with this song & music video so watch the video again:

5. Stay With Me by Faces
I know your name is Rita, 'cause your perfumes smelling sweeter,

So something with a funky piano accompaniment. Hmm...
Swift by RJ Anderson

There were plenty of books I could've chosen with pianos in but I was scrolling through my "read" list on Goodreads when I suddenly realised that this song epitomises how I read RJ Anderson's books. They really are a one night stand. When I'm needing a lift or I'm in a reading slump, I pick up the first one I see and read it cover to cover, before putting it away not to be read again for a few years.

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