Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why We Blog About Books

If you followed my blog before, you might have noticed that I haven't posted since near the beginning of this year. And the year before I had a similar length of break. It was all down to stress. I started this blog under the premise that I just had to write about books, to express my opinions, to communicate the ridiculous emotions that thread through my skeletal core after reading almost everything, amazing or terrible. However, as I got into writing more blog posts and made more commitments to the blog, I found reading had become a chore; it had become something that I was doing for the blog, rather than myself, and thus, eventually I ceased reading almost entirely, no longer being able to keep up with posting.

Upon returning to the blog, I feel different: I've matured, I've developed, I now know that this blog is for me to throw all my emotions, joys and tribulations at people who actually care, people who want to read about how a certain person feels about a certain book. Nothing is forcing me to keep an uptight schedule of 2/3 reviews a week, or to participate in Top Ten Tuesdays every week, or to write the most extravagant reviews. Blogs are for feelings. They're for emotions. And that comes naturally, not through force.

With that, I hope to provide well-written, entertaining, sassy reviews regularly, but there is no schedule. They'll come when they'll come. I might do Top Ten Tuesdays on a certain week. Then again, I might not. All I can promise is an outpouring of creative and emotional material to do with books.

Love :)

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